National Lab for the Study of the College President

The National Lab for the Study of the College President, a research unit within the University of Arkansas College of Education and Health Professions, has been created to conduct research and provide leadership on the study of the American college president.

G. David GearhartMichael T. MillerDr. G. David Gearhart, professor emeritus of Higher Education and 2007-2015 chancellor of the University of Arkansas, was founding co-director of the NLSCP, until his July 2022 retirement. Dr. Michael T. Miller, professor of Higher Education and 2016-2019 COEHP dean, remains its director.

Through policy briefings, publications, workshops, grant writing, and hosting speakers, the NLSCP provides national direction for research on college leaders.

The NLSCP sponsors the Journal of Research on the College President as well as collaborates with a number of colleges and universities around the country to advance the understanding of the complex role of the college presidency.

Areas of Focus