Mission and Goals

To graduate doctoral and master's degree students who come from diverse backgrounds and who are characterized by their competence and confidence to be effective leaders in the higher education workplace.

Students in Peabody Hall classroomStudents

  1. To attract and admit 7-10 doctoral and 20-25 master's students each year who are competent, motivated and culturally diverse
  2. To graduate 100 percent of those students admitted within the time limits of the University of Arkansas Graduate School
  3. To successfully place 100 percent of our graduating students
  4. To produce graduates who are characterized as:
    • Familiar with the general literature of higher education and possessed of an in-depth knowledge in their areas of special interest
    • Distinguished by their ability to facilitate constructive change in the work setting and to solve problems of the type encountered by persons in their intended career area, regardless of whether these are administrative or instructional in nature
    • Extremely competent in oral and written communication skills
    • Able to read, interpret and analyze research findings and, in the case of doctoral students, able to conduct valid research projects


  1. To model those teaching practices we wish our students to exhibit
  2. To incorporate a variety of active learning approaches into our classes so that students have an opportunity to learn by doing as well as by listening and reading
  3. To offer classes at times that will ensure that full- and part-time students have a minimum of course conflicts and that make it possible for students to progress through their program of study without needless delay
  4. To schedule (and publicize) classes at least 18 months in advance
  5. To maintain (within the limits of funding) up-to-date library holdings (books and periodicals) of sufficient depth and breadth to support course and dissertation requirements


  1. To provide sufficient variety of regularly scheduled classes, topical seminars, practicums, internships and independent studies to facilitate tailoring a program of study to meet the needs of each student
  2. To offer courses oriented to the practitioner that are up to date with current and projected demands/needs of the field
  3. To offer rigorous programs of study (masters, educational specialist, doctoral) that will prepare motivated students to succeed in a challenging higher education environment
  4. To ensure there is minimal unintended overlap in the content of different courses


To attract and retain faculty with practical experience in higher education settings who are excellent instructors and who:

  1. Are motivated to keep up-to-date in the practice of administration and/or teaching
  2. Are able to remain current in the literature
  3. Can establish and maintain appropriate personal and professional relationships with students while they are enrolled and after they graduate
  4. Can develop mentoring relationship with students that promote collaboration in teaching, scholarship, and service
  5. Can provide personalized academic advising and assist with career planning and placement for both currently-enrolled students and alumni
  6. Take care to ensure that graduates are distinguished by their ability to facilitate constructive change in the work setting, solve problems, and communicate orally and in writing'
  7. Will respect the individuality of students and treat each student with dignity and respect
  8. Are active in professional organizations related to Higher Education


To conduct periodic reviews of current students and graduates to ensure that the program is continuing to meet the needs of the students